SAP Glossary

May 22nd, 2012

This SAP glossary helps you to develop a better understanding of the basic SAP language. We have created this SAP glossary to help demystify some of the common phrases and acronyms used when implementing an SAP project or running SAP.

Change Management

This refers to all the activities that are involved in

  • The definition and installation of new values, norms, attitudes and behaviours within an organisation that offer support to new ways of doing work thus overcoming resistance to change
  • Building consensus among stakeholders and customers with regard to specific changes that are meant to better meet their needs
  • Planning, testing as well implementing all aspects involved in changing from one business process or organisational structure to another.

Change Management Documentation

This covers all the documentation that is required and delivered as you perform change management. It involves the functional test cases as well as all the other documents required by a new-end user of SAP in addition to the different tools and approaches that are used to manage change by the Technical Support Organisation.

Cost of Ownership Analysis

This involves determining where and when the costs are incurred with regard to the ongoing operations and the SAP solution stack. It addresses all the external and internal costs.


This refers to the process of moving from one system to a new one

Cutover Plan

This includes all the documentation relating to planning, preparing as well as executing cutover. It describes how to lock down the system from the perspective of technical change management and also helps in preparing the TSO for its new role. The plan also involves rolling out the graphical user interface to all the future end users.

Data Centre

This refers to a facility that is used to house a lot of electronic equipment such as computers and communications equipment.

Data Centre Requirement

This refers to what a SAP Hosting data centre needs and may include a requirement to the network server or a physical requirement like rack requirements, power requirements or a network infrastructure requirement.

Disaster Recovery Requirement

This focuses on downtime that may last hours days or even weeks

Functional Test Case

Refers to variables or a set of conditions under which a tester will establish if a given business process works

High Availability Requirement

This is basically the amount of time that a system requires to be available to satisfy the needs of users

Installation Documentation

This refers to all documentation that is involved in installing an end-to-end SAP solution

Operations Mannual

This is a collection of current state system documentation, regularly scheduled as day-to-day operation tasks as well as how-to process documents


Was founded in 1972 and is the biggest European software company with its head office based in Waldorf Germany

SAP Implementation Project Plan

A comprehensive project plan which contains all products that are delivered as you implement the SAP project

Solution Stack

A set of components or software subsystems that are required to deliver a solution that is fully functional

Solution Stack Partners List

This refers to all the vendors that are involved in delivering the products of the SAP solution stack

Solution Vision

This is a vision of the state of the SAP solution in the future

Stress Test Plan

A test plan whose aim is to determine the stability of a given entity or system

Test Plan

Refers to the details of how a test will proceed, who will be involved in doing the test as well as what will be tested and how much time the test will require. It also takes into account the quality level to which the test will be performed

Training Plan

Consists of training units and is basically the means through which a trainee acquires the necessary knowledge and skills


This refers to the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and skills as a result of the teaching of practical and vocational skills and knowledge


This refers to a technical support organisation and includes all the people that are committed to implementing and managing SAP

TSO Chart

A chart that depicts the structure of the TSO

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