The CN Group’s SAP Consulting Services

We are a “one-stop shop” for SAP & Microsoft customers who require the best business consulting, systems implementation & virtualisation solutions.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Services

Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) are powerful forces to help your organisation improve operations and achieve greater business agility. Our Cloud Services include:

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Cloud Hosting Solution

SAP Hosting

We offer SAP hosting solutions to customers in the Microsoft applications space. We focus on this platform rather than offering a generic hardware hosting service so we can provide a one-stop-shop to customers. Our SAP Hosting Services include:

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SAP Services

SAP Services

We provide a “one-stop-shop” service to SAP clients. Our SAP Services include:

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The CN Group Difference

We are SAP Experts


Our team has over
100 years combined
experience in SAP

SAP service innovators


We are the only
Australian IT services company offering
scalable, virtualised SAP

SAP Success


We are the fastest
growing SAP partner
in Australia.

Best SAP Solutions


We offer our customers flexible commercial terms that best suit their business model.

Best SAP philosophy


We adhere to a
philosophy of genuine care for our customers, collaborative team work

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Latest News

Why You Should Consider Law Firm Cloud Computing
July 30th,2014

When it comes to storing documents, such as client’s personal information and past records, there is no room for errors or misplaced files. While technology has made it much easier for law firms to track their records and keep documents easily stored on their computers, there are still plenty of concerns for hardware malfunctions. This [...]

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Importance of SAP software for small business
July 23rd,2014

Business owners and managers cannot deny the importance of a strong, effective IT infrastructure. Regardless of how large or small your company currently is, it may benefit significantly when the right IT infrastructure is in place. Smaller businesses, however, often face additional challenges that larger businesses may not experience when selecting and utilizing IT solutions [...]

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Key Business Solutions by SAP
July 14th,2014

SAP software started out as an adaptable solution to fundamental processing limitations dating back to 1972. It took the time constraints of batch processing out of the equation, thus liberating when and how data could be processed. Today, SAP remains an ever-evolving method of providing multi-faceted system solutions. The demands in changing markets requiring both [...]

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